Kickboxing Classes at the Boca Raton karate & Kickboxing Academy will burn fat, tone muscle AND teach you self-defense, all at the same time. In each Kickboxing class we combine drills to increase cardio and strength while focusing on proper kickboxing form. This not the dance kickboxing taught at many gyms, but truly a mix of martial arts kickboxing styles and techniques.

Lose Weight, Feel Great! Gain Strength – Flexibility – Confidence
Boca kickboxing class - High kick

Tone your body, increase energy. How would you like to burn over 800 calories in a 1-hour class and have fun while doing it?! We all know the hardest part of any exercise program is sticking to it. Who wants to spend 45 mind-numbing minutes on a treadmill after a long day? Kick your workouts into high gear, and they’ll become a “want to” not a “have to”. Students in our program have lost up to 23 pounds in a few shorts months, and you can do the same!

Learn Self-defense for the real world. During each class you will gain the knowledge and skill to protect yourself, should you ever need to, and the confidence that comes from that knowledge. Many times it’s that confidence that sends an attacker looking for an easier target! Learn key strategies to avoiding a dangerous situation by employing self-defense responses.

So what’s stopping you?    Not sure you’ll like it??    Not sure you can do it??    Never done kickboxing before??    Haven’t worked out in a while???

Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you to get started. You don’t need any experience.  It doesn’t matter if you can do one push up or you can do 100.  All that matters is that you start!!  We’ll give you a FREE WEEK to see for yourself.

Try our quick-start program and receive an initial consultation and fitness evaluation, a 30-minute private lesson and a COMPLIMENTARY WEEK of unlimited group classes.
A $115.00 value for free!

Find the Boca Raton karate & kickboxing Academy facebook page

Get started today.  Call 561-926-1846 to learn more.

More info at www.brkka.com or www.kickboxingboca.com

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