weight loss with kickboxing in Boca Raton Florida

Weight Reduction Through Kickboxing written by: Kimingi

Losing weight can be a difficult challenge to overcome. Almost all methods of shedding fat can be categorized as unexciting, unsafe or, ineffective. If you’ve tried to lose weight you’ve probably hated what you had to do to burn a few pounds of fat. Martial arts is fast becoming the top option for people to lose weight. Besides helping you shed some fat, you get to have fun and learn some important life skills while you’re at it.

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Kickboxing is one of the best martial arts forms for weight reduction. Some of the weight loss benefits you can get from training this martial art include the following.

Great cardio workout

Kickboxing classes in Boca Raton training involves a lot of cardio workouts which get your heart pumping and turns your body into a fat burning machine. Anything you get involved in during the training session from warm up to sparring will involve body movements in different intensities. Each movement will require some amount of energy to be used up. For a 1 to 2 hour workout, your body will rely on two energy sources. First, it will rely on energy generated from the food you ate prior to training. After this energy source is depleted, the body will burn its fat reserves for energy production.

The great thing about the cardio workout you get from kickboxing training is that it works on different parts of the body at once. In particular, it will target trouble areas such as thighs, buttocks, upper arms and belly.

Great for muscle development

Research shows that muscle tissue burns calories better than fat tissue. This means that the more muscle you build, the more easily you will burn body fat. Strength training forms an important aspect of kickboxing. However, even if you’ll have to do some weight training, your workouts won’t be as intense as that of a body builder. In addition, many of the training routines you’ll perform during kickboxing classes will help your body burn more fat and develop lean muscle.

Great for stress relief and promoting sleep

Stress has been closely linked to weight gain. Stress triggers the uncontrolled release of hunger hormones which can lead to emotional eating. This is one of the known causes of excess intake of calories. Abnormal hormone release of hormones can also cause the body to switch to survival mode. One of the symptoms of this condition is uncontrolled storage of body fat.

Getting enough sleep has also been found to help keep weight off. During sleep, the body produces a number of hormones which help the body burn fat and control appetite.

Training in martial arts can help release stress relief hormones which give you a good feeling after workouts. In addition, an intense workout is always great for inducing sleep.

Eating the right food

Kickboxing is an intense martial arts form which requires taking the right type of nutrition to keep the body fit and healthy. To be able to train, you must change your diet to contain foods that provide energy and nutrition.

If you are looking for a good way to lose weight in Boca Raton, FL kickboxing is a great choice. Through training, not only will you shed unwanted fat, you will also acquire life skills such as self defense, self confidence and self discipline.

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