The Third of 5 Phone Tips – Questions to Ask when Calling about a Kickboxing Class in Boca Raton

Come try 2 FREE WEEKS at the Boca Raton Karate & Kickboxing Academy. Learn valuable self-defense and have a great cardio workout. Call today for your complimentary intro class. 561-926-1846

There are several questions you should ask when shopping for a new place to work out and/or kickbox. Most of us don’t have the time to drive from location to location and instead call around to get the basics prior to making a personal visit to the “short list.”

When creating that short list, the way to hone it down is to ask several key questions over the phone. We’ve provided a few tips to assist. Tip #1 was to get all the price details upfront. You should be able to at least get a good idea of the cost of training whether it is a gym or a martial arts studio. Tip #2 was to understand how many classes you are allowed per week or per month for that price.

Tip #3: CONTRACTS – the benefits and the pitfalls

Most gyms and martial arts studios have contracts for a desired length of time you will commit to being a member of their business. In this economy, contracts are definitely less desirable – nobody wants to be committed to an ongoing payment for a long period of time, especially if working out is a new undertaking. However, some contracts offer savings opportunities, and some people will find it easier to commit to a workout schedule if they feel the financial commitment is motivating them to do so.

Contracts are a form of commitment. And the longer you can commit, the better the savings opportunities that should be available. You should ask for options and find out how much a “no contract” membership is, versus a 3 month, 6 month or year commitment. With each increased commitment level, there should be a per month savings. You should also ask what type of savings are available if you have the ability to pay in full, upfront.

If you are in a situation where any time or ongoing payment commitment isn’t desirable – you are moving soon, you are out of work or changing jobs, etc. – then find out if you can pay month to month and benefit from contract savings at a later date, if you reach that goal. You might be surprised what is available to you… but you have to ask.

Find out the details of resigning after the first contract has expired. Is there a savings for recommitting? Are your prices locked in as long as you choose to maintain your membership? Are there any additional charges that might happen within the contracted period such as assessments? What is the history of assessment charges over the last several years?

And finally, if you do want a contract but think you might need to break it in the future, find out the terms of cancellation or refund. If you move, how far do you have to go to qualify for a cancellation or refund, if you are injured or need to travel, can you put your contract on hold and for how long, etc.

Come try 2 FREE WEEKS at the Boca Raton Karate & Kickboxing Academy. Learn valuable self-defense and have a great cardio workout. We offer many levels of contracts, all with savings opportunities, as well as a “no contract” option. Call today for your complimentary intro class. 561-926-1846

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