How to Choose the Right Martial Arts School

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Keeping students passionate about the martial arts is the responsibility of all martial arts instructors and dojo owners.  Determining what martial arts practice and specific school is right for you and/or your family is up to you.

Every martial arts practice and dojo has different facets and benefits to offer.  They may have a unique offering or niche market.  They may have certain instructors that fit your exact need or maybe it’s simply a location issue.  Whatever your goal, it’s important to identify what you are seeking upfront.  Prioritize your needs and start your search.  Know what to ask and what to look for.

Here are a few questions/tips we’ve compiled over the years that might make your search easier.  Ask them and make sure you get answers before committing to anything.

–        If there is a specific style of the martial arts you are looking for, make sure to clarify that it is taught.  The generic term MMA (mixed martial arts) doesn’t necessarily mean your particular style is supported through an experienced instructor.
–       Ask to sample a few classes before making a commitment.  The atmosphere of the dojo is important and you and/or your child will be spending a good amount of time there over the years.
–       To that point, don’t just watch a class …. TRY it!  Especially with kids, it can be intimidating to sit on the sidelines.  Jump in and have fun!
–       Identify the main goal for you or your child.  Is it exercise, socialization, confidence, self defense or something else?  Some dojos are more focused on self defense than others, especially when it involves children.  Make sure you are comfortable with what is being taught and how your child’s time is being spent.  We often hear that high belt rank is achieved but proper form and the ability to defend is lacking….  Decide what’s important to you before starting a program.
–       Are costs of the program given freely and easily?  Are all costs given upfront (belt testing, uniform, enrollment, gear, etc.)?  It can be frustrating  and time consuming  when dojos will not give you pricing without extra work on your behalf.  Just remember… YOU are the customer.
–       Are the contracts being offered acceptable?  Not everyone is ready to sign on the dotted line for a year, two years or more.   Make sure your budget is being respected and any contract commitment works for you.  Some schools will negotiate shorter-term contracts – they may be slightly more expensive, but it may be better for your situation.
–       Make sure the dojo is clean.  Viruses and infection are easily spread… take a close look at the mats, the bathrooms, etc.  Ask if the mats and floors are cleaned and sterilized and how often.  A little prevention can help you avoid a lot of future discomfort.
–       Take some time to watch and get to know the instructor’s personality.  Some are more traditional than others, some are more informal or causal.  Decide how you or your child responds best in an instructional environment.   Discipline issues take time away from learning and can also negate the fun that should be experienced.  Also, see if adults are taught differently than children.  Some instructors have one style that may not work for different age groups.

Not every martial arts dojo is right for every individual.  Make sure you are at the right place for you or your children before making a commitment of time and money.  Your experience should be wonderfully positive and never filled with regret or dissatisfaction.

Ready to try a FREE 2 WEEK Program at the Boca Raton Karate & Kickboxing Academy?  Call today for your complimentary intro program class.  561-926-1846

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