It’s great day to kick something. Sign up today and enjoy 2 weeks of classes no charge.

It’s great day to kick something is a phrase you’ll hear at the Tiger & Dragon Boca often. Sounds a little crazy, but we know kicking (and punching) things can make you feel better. We’ve all had those days where we were so stressed out we thought we might explode. A great kickboxing workout, kicking the heavy bag or pads with a friend is a safe, fun and harmless way to work it all out. Please we all know when we feel better physically, the better we handle lifes everyday events. Atleast that’s true for me. So, try a class. Actually try 2 weeks of classes and I’ll teach you how to kick all your stress out!


Great workout burns up to 800 calories per hour.

2 weeks free classes.

Bored with your workout, not getting the results you want? Try kickboxing!! Punch and kick your way to great shape. The Tiger & Dragon Boca offers 2 weeks of classes at no charge. Check out for more info.